Equipping families with educational tools that empower them to improve their quality of life, and the lives of their children, for generations to come.


Executive Director

Joyce M. White, LMSW

Mrs. White has over twenty-five years of management experience. She is also a licensed social worker with over twelve years of experience. And, she is a licensed ministered with over thirty years of pastoral counseling expertise.

Mrs. White is an adjunct professor for the University of Phoenix where she teaches program planning and evaluation, grant proposal writing, and financial management for human services. Recently she held the position of Vice President of Compliance for the Dallas Housing Authority where she led a team of internal auditors, technical writers, inspectors, and a fraud investigator. She was responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations, state and local laws, and administrative orders for grant programs totaling in excess of two hundred million dollars.

Ms. White was the Project Director for the Father's Support Center in St. Louis, a responsible fatherhood program that reconnects non-custodial fathers with their children. In addition, Ms. White served as an Information & Outcome Management Director for the United Way of Greater St. Louis. In this capacity she oversaw the regional 211 center, conducted site visits and program evaluations of community agencies, and collaborated with numerous agencies to effectively meet the needs of the community.

Mrs. White has developed and administered a variety of curricula including leadership training, organizational development, employee retention, ex-offender re-entry, time management, job search and employment readiness, budgeting, business ethics, parenting, and youth programs. She has conducted training in public schools, government funded agencies, faith-based organizations, private companies, nonprofit agencies, healthcare institutions, colleges, and correctional facilities. Mrs. White is the author of “Empty Hands – Achieve Personal Success Starting with Limited Financial Resources” and “The Stranger in Your Mirror.” She is also a national and local conference and workshop/seminar speaker.

Board of Directors

Ken Richards – Chair:

Ken is the Executive Director of the Heroes 2 Remember Project, an agency that partners with the community to honor our military heroes. He also has a broad background in Information Technology. He brings a variety of IT skills to the organization. *

JoAnn C. White – Vice Chair:

JoAnn is a Telecom Expense Management leader with a national Fortune 20 company. She has over twenty years of management experience. She brings much needed corporate leadership to the agency.

Alisha Billingsley – Finance & Fundraising Committee Member:

Alisha has a broad background in real estate and property management. Her knowledge of business relationships and marketing are an asset to the agency.

Helena Davidson – Finance & Fundraising Committee Member:

Helena has a background in affordable housing and family self-sufficiency programs. She has held a variety of positions at a local housing authority. Helena’s knowledge of programs for low-income families is of great value to the agency.

David White - Program, Development, Evaluation & Compliance (PDEC) Committee Chair:

David works for a local truck manufacturer. He also has several years of experience being an entrepreneur. David’s research and program development skills are a benefit to the agency.

Joyce Mitchelson - Program, Development, Evaluation & Compliance (PDEC) Committee Member:

Joyce works in administration at Georgetown University. She is multi lingual and has lived in several countries. She has a background in financial aid, program planning, research, and event coordination. Her skills and international background are an asset to the agency.



FLEN has a dedicated group of staff, volunteers, trainees, and practicum students that help the agency consistently reach its goals of serving the community. Key staff members include:

Todae Charles - Teen Parenting Program Coordinator & Assistant Grant Writer:

Ms. Charles is a former teen parent of four. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services. She also won the Healthy Teen Network’s 2011 Former Teen Parent award.

Theodore Wallace – Job Skills Training Facilitator & Program Coordinator:

Mr. Wallace has a background in workforce development and finance.