Equipping families with educational tools that empower them to improve their quality of life, and the lives of their children, for generations to come.


The Leadership Co-Parenting Program is a comprehensive five (5) hour, multi-cultural workshop that equips custodial and non-custodial parents, foster parents, step-parents and other caregivers to work together for the benefit of the children. Additionally, it teaches parents and caregivers how to be the leaders their children need

The focus is on understanding and sharing the parenting responsibilities, effective communication, conflict resolution, house rules for each household, and building a strong support network for each parent, caretaker, and the children. Either parent (or both parents, step-parents, foster parents, or other caregivers, etc.) may attend


Experienced facilitators help participants discuss and work through tough issues and come to a place of agreement. Children benefit by having parents and caretakers that model leadership and cooperation. And children are better able to understand the relationships that exist and how to be successful in each household. Minimum class size is six. Maximum class size is eighteen.


Certificates of Completion are provided.

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