Equipping families with educational tools that empower them to improve their quality of life, and the lives of their children, for generations to come.




Life Skills, Job Training & Career Advancement Opportunities for Low-Income People


The Crumbs progarm provides comprehensive life skills training (i.e., personal responsibility, relationship skills, basic financial management training, etc.), job skills, and employment placement and retention services. This is a FREE program.

Additional services include case management, transportation, housing assistance, counseling, personal items, and food.

Program Goals



Provide unemployed people with skills and opportunities that will help them gain and maintain employment. Provide skills training, supportive services, housing assistance, and employment opportunities to help this population gain & maintain employment.


Identify and create enterprises (small & micro businesses) where low-income people can train to receive skills that will get them entry-level employment that may lead to higher level employment down the line. Train potential business partners so that they can effectively supervise this population. Provide business owners with temporary, free labor to assist them as they grow their business with limited resources.

Small Business Owners - Get FREE Labor by using your company as a training site for our participants. Email Joyce White at Joyce.White@flenonline.com for more information.

  Target Population

The target population includes unemployed or underemployed adults 18-years-old or older residing in Dallas County.