Equipping families with educational tools that empower them to improve their quality of life, and the lives of their children, for generations to come.

Volunteer Programs


The Family & Leadership Empowerment Network (FLEN) agency depends heavily on volunteers. Volunteers are subject to all FLEN policies and procedures including confidentiality of agency, client, customer and all other information.

Volunteers may be individuals, groups, or students. Some projects are short-term and require a small often “one-time” commitment. Other volunteer opportunities are more long-term in nature. Persons interested in serving as a volunteer must submit a Volunteer Application and may be required to undergo a criminal background check and drug test depending on the project or position in which the volunteer will be serving (i.e., working with children, handling finances, holding a key to the office, etc.).

Short-Term Projects

Open House

The agency periodically holds an Open House to acquaint people and organizations with agency programs. Volunteers are needed to help with preparation of materials, registration, food service, set-up and clean-up.

Fundraising Events

The agency holds fundraising events throughout the year. Events may include talent shows, stage performances, musical events, sports, or other fun activities. Volunteers are needed to assist with marketing the event, preparation of materials, engaging in performances/activities, set-up, registration, food service, and clean-up.

Community Service Projects

FLEN routinely participates in community service projects in cooperation with other organizations (i.e., walk/runs, food & clothing drives, painting projects, etc.). Volunteers are needed to represent the agency in these events. Upcoming events are posted on the agency’s website.

Long-Term Assignments

Office Assistant

Volunteers are needed to cover the receptionist area and handle general clerical tasks such as answering phones, retrieving voicemails, data entry, sorting mail, typing letters, stuffing envelopes, etc.

Office hours are Monday through Thursday, 9:00am to 5:00pm and Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. Volunteers may choose to work half-days, a couple of days per week, or any combination that works for the volunteer’s schedule.

Once a volunteer agrees to a work schedule and chooses a duration of service, the agency expects the volunteer to keep their commitment. This helps the agency to run its programs more effectively and meet the needs of our clients and community partners.

Program Assistant

Volunteers are needed to work with the Program Coordinator to prepare for classes the agency teaches either on site at the agency or at another location. Tasks may include printing or copying class materials, data entry, creating certificates, securing refreshments, and assisting with life skills presentations (skits, information, games, etc.).

The time commitment for a program assistant is approximately four or more hours per week. The work schedule (and duration of assignment) for a program assistant is agreed upon once the applicant is approved. The program assistant would be required to participate in specific life skills classes including set-up, help with presentation, and clean-up.


College students are welcomed to complete internships at the agency. Learning agreements would be developed with the student in cooperation with the college’s requirements.

Internship focus areas are social work, human services, counseling, management, clerical, nonprofit financial management, program development, program evaluation, professional training, and development & grant writing. Internships can be completed for one or more semesters. Hours and duration are agreed to once the applicant has been approved.

Board Member

Volunteers are needed to serve on the agency’s Board of Directors. An information and application packet for this assignment would be provided by the board Chair.

Volunteer Benefits

There are many benefits to serving as a volunteer for the FLEN agency.

• Help improve the lives of low-income children, families, and individuals

• Complete community service hours

• Build marketable skills • Gain documented experience

• Receive personal mentoring

• Learn leadership skills

• Create and/or expand professional network

• Participate in board and other leadership meetings

• Become exposed to possible job opportunities

• Receive letters of recommendation

• Build resume


Individuals interested in serving as a volunteer with the FLEN agency should request and complete the Volunteer Application and email it to volunteers@flenonline.com or send via postal mail it to:

Family & Leadership Empowerment Network

1402 Corinth St.

Suite 137

Dallas, TX 75215

All applicants will be contacted by a designated staff member. Applicants desiring to serve on the board will be contacted by the board Chair. We look forward to having you serve at our agency.


Advisory Committee

A member of the Advisory Committee (AC) lends his or her experience and expertise to the agency. However, AC members do not have to attend board or committee meetings. This is a great way to contribute in a way that does not interrupt your regular schedule.

AC members are contacted periodically by FLEN staff to get direction and information on specific issues. AC members are welcomed to participate in any activities the agency conducts.